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Discovering the Naturalist Intelligence: Science in the School Yard by Jenna Glock, et al. This book is based on Gardner’s work with mutliple intelligences. It proposes that one of the intelligences is for nature and the natural sciences. The book presents solid, interesting lessons for cultivating the Naturalist Intelligence.

Math in the Garden: Hands-on Activities That Bring Math to Life by Jennifer White, et al. This book contains many wonderful math activities that are garden based. The areas of math covered are number, operations, algebra, measurements, geometry and data analysis. All the activities are graded for ages 5 through 13. Excellent activities that are well structured.

Howard Gardner is a professor of cognition and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He’s also the author of over 20 books and several hundred scholarly articles. Gardner is probably best known in educational circles for his theory of multiple intelligences, which is a critique of the notion that there exists but a single human intelligence that can be assessed by standard psychometric instruments. Five Minds for the Future

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  • Scott wrote on 26 April, 2009, 12:29

    This is a great book! Thank you for recommending it to my teacher friends.

  • heide wrote on 27 April, 2009, 23:02

    Could you recommend more books please.

  • John Fisher wrote on 20 October, 2009, 9:49

    Here are two other great resources for Garden-Based Learning Instruction. They can be found and reviewed here

    The Growing Classsroom
    This award-winning resource book for educators contains 480 pages of science, math, and language arts activities that you can do with your students in the garden. Activities are aligned with California Science Content Standards. Topics include soil, plants, cycles, ecology, weather, nutrition, and food systems. Also includes team-building and sensory exploration activities, organic gardening skills, and information on how to create and sustain a successful school garden program.

    Life Lab Science K-5 Garden Based Curriculum
    Life Lab Science Program offers teacher friendly, hands-on units that children can dig into! Recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as an “outstanding curriculum, ” Life Lab Science is a core curriculum which integrates earth, life, and physical science concepts within the context of a Living Laboratory school garden. Inquiry-oriented lessons, both outdoors and in the classroom, encourage students to ask questions and explore multiple solutions.

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