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School Gardens Can Help Kids Learn Better And Eat Healthier. So Why Aren’t They Everywhere?

The case for garden-based learning in schools seems simple, even obvious, at first: What harm could there be in encouraging young children to connect with nature and learn more about the ecology around them, including where the food they eat comes from?But given the ever-growing demands on teachers’ time and the poor financial health many of the nation’s school districts are in, the ... Full story

How to Start an Organic Garden in 9 Easy Steps

How to Start an Organic Garden in 9 Easy Steps
You've been trying to eat more organic foods, both to decrease the amount of pesticides you and your family consume, and to help protect the environment from overloading with toxic chemicals. But organics can get a bit expensive, we know. Luckily, there's a way to grow your own delicious, fresh produce, while having fun and ... Full story

UC Davis garden based learning

Garden-based learning is an educational strategy that utilizes school gardens to supplement instruction in a variety of disciplines.  School gardens provide an atmosphere that incorporates hands-on activities and strengthens academic, personal, and social skills.  In addition, school gardens allow children to develop life skills in areas such as nutrition, leadership, and decision making.  CNS research includes the ... Full story

The Learning Garden: Bringing the Classroom Closer to the Community

My friends at have an interesting article about the garden classroom that I thought would interest you. Since 2001, the Learning Garden of Venice High School has played an important role in the lives of students, teachers, and members of the local community. Although the Learning Garden is recognized as a model example of an outdoor classroom, it also serves the local community as ... Full story

Plant It, Grow It, Eat It: Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education – 9/17/2010

Make the connection from seed to table in this fun and delicious one-day workshop at Life Lab's amazing Garden Classroom in Santa Cruz, CA. Explore ways to teach nutrition through gardening, harvesting and meal preparation in Life Lab’s Garden Kitchen. You’ll learn effective ways to encourage kids grades 2-8 to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle. Participants will sample the ... Full story

Gardens are powerful educational tools

Gardens are powerful educational tools
Gardens are powerful educational tools, providing opportunities for children to experience the natural world as they develop strong academic skills and positive attitudes toward fresh fruits and vegetables, and learn important sociological skills that enhance the quality of ... Full story

The Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learning Style

The Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learning Style
You learn best when physically engaged in a "hands on" activity. In the classroom, you benefit from a lab setting where you can man ipulate materials to learn new information. You learn best when you can be physically active in the learning environment. You benefit from instructors who encourage in-class demonstrations, "hands on" student learning experiences, ... Full story

Ready, Set, Grow: School garden initiatives boost students’ health

Ready, Set, Grow: School garden initiatives boost students' health
by Julia Hawesand Maya Linson Local leaders have quietly been examining the use of school gardens to help nuture the minds ... Full story

Our Mission

Recognizing that all children have individual learning styles, Garden Based Education offers educators and parents hands-on tools to engage and inspire students Full story
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