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UC Davis garden based learning

Garden-based learning is an educational strategy that utilizes school gardens to supplement instruction in a variety of disciplines.  School gardens provide an atmosphere that incorporates hands-on activities and strengthens academic, personal, and social skills.  In addition, school gardens allow children to develop life skills in areas such as nutrition, leadership, and decision making.  CNS research includes the ... Full story

Cornell University has gardening projects on-line

There are some very interesting and useful projects on Cornell University's website.  Activities for children you and families. How-to for lawn garden and landscaping. Program tools for planning and developing programs.  I thought you'd find it interesting. Full story

Garden-based nutrition education affects fruit and vegetable consumption in sixth-grade adolescents.

Schoolyard gardens are emerging as a nutrition education tool in academic settings. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of garden-based nutrition education on adolescents' fruit and vegetable consumption using a nonequivalent control group design. Sixth-grade students (n=99) at three different elementary schools made up a control and two treatment groups. Students in the treatment groups participated in a 12-week nutrition ... Full story

The Learning Garden: Bringing the Classroom Closer to the Community

My friends at have an interesting article about the garden classroom that I thought would interest you. Since 2001, the Learning Garden of Venice High School has played an important role in the lives of students, teachers, and members of the local community. Although the Learning Garden is recognized as a model example of an outdoor classroom, it also serves the local community as ... Full story

Lifelab’s workshops in Santa Cruz, CA

Lifelab's workshops in Santa Cruz, CA
Lifelab has some amazing Garden Classroom on the UC Santa Cruz campus, Life Lab Science Program's professional trainers bring inspiration to educators interested in science, nutrition, and garden-based learning. They have workshops on the growing classroom click here to learn more at Lifelab's website Full story

New Book Spices up Lessons with Garden Storytelling

A Rock is a Slow Story: Garden Storytelling is an invitation to give voice to the unique, shape-shifting world of a learning garden. The author, a professional storyteller and garden educator, helps you harvest a crop of good story material and serve it up in riveting tales. You’re guided in finding core truths in the garden, building an engaging imagination around them and ... Full story

Pre Kindergarten – 3rd Grade: A New Beginning for American Education

Full story

Sowing the Seeds of Wonder: Gardening in Early Childhood Education – 10/23/2010

Spend a day looking at the garden through the eyes of a preschool student at Life Lab's amazing Garden Classroom in Santa Cruz, CA. Sample many activities designed to encourage young children to learn about their world using all their senses. Learn how to implement garden activities in a preschool or daycare setting. We’ll also discuss basic gardening skills, appropriate garden design, safe plants for ... Full story

The Growing Classroom: An Introduction to Garden Based Learning – 9/30/2010-10/1/2010

This two-day workshop, located at Life Lab's amazing Garden Classroom in Santa Cruz, CA, is ideal for those interested in supplementing their existing science program with garden-based learning. Using The Growing Classroom activity guide for grades 2-6, you’ll experience hands-on activities, learn basic science concepts and gardening techniques, and develop management strategies for a school gardening program. Find out how to teach the standards while ... Full story

Plant It, Grow It, Eat It: Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education – 9/17/2010

Make the connection from seed to table in this fun and delicious one-day workshop at Life Lab's amazing Garden Classroom in Santa Cruz, CA. Explore ways to teach nutrition through gardening, harvesting and meal preparation in Life Lab’s Garden Kitchen. You’ll learn effective ways to encourage kids grades 2-8 to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle. Participants will sample the ... Full story
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