New Book Spices up Lessons with Garden Storytelling

A Rock is a Slow Story: Garden Storytelling is an invitation to give voice to the unique, shape-shifting world of a learning garden. The author, a professional storyteller and garden educator, helps you harvest a crop of good story material and serve it up in riveting tales. You’re guided in finding core truths in the garden, building an engaging imagination around them and effectively performing your stories for eager audiences of young learners. You’ll see that storytelling can create easy connects between children and science, math, language arts and magic in the garden. The first part of the book is a peppy, succinct guide to finding and telling garden stories. The second part presents 8 complete stories, each with a materials list, suggestions for effective telling and garden lesson extensions. The enthusiasm of the author for storytelling and gardens is infectious, the stories are engaging and the advice is solid. Here is a link to purchase the book from the author’s website:

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