Assessing Kid’s Attitudes and Knowledge about Pollinators

                          Skills they will practice: communicating, sorting, categorizing

Tape a large sheet of paper to the wall and record kids thoughts there. 


“We are going to be talking about how plants and certain insects depend on each other and why it is important to us.” 
Participants brainstorm

about all the plants they can name. Write the plant names on the chart. Here are some examples of prompt questions to begin the activity: 

— What kinds of plants to you see around you? (in your yard, your neighborhood, at school)? 

— Do you have vegetable gardens or fruit trees in your yard or neighborhood? What are some of the plants in these gardens?Identify relevanty characteristics

of the plants listed: 

— Which of these plants have flowers? 

— Do the flowers all bloom at the same time or at different times? 

— Which of these plants produce fruit? At what time of year? 


— Which of these plants have seeds? Where do we find the seeds?Identify insects

that are frequently found near the plants that have been listed and answer the following:
— What kinds of insects have you noticed around the plants?

— In what ways do you think these plants might be helpful to insects? Why do you think that?
— Which insects pay a lot of attention to flowers?

— Why do you think these insects are so interested in the flowers?


Add some questions to assess their attitude towards insects such as bees:

— What do you feel when you see a bee? 

— What do you think bees are good for? 

— What do you feel when you see a butterfly? 


— What do you think butterflies are good for?


Congratulate participants

on all they know and have shared

“As we learn more about how plants and insects depend on each other, we will find answers to some of the things we were not sure about, and perhaps learn new things that will cause us to change our some of our ideas about plants and insects.”
A revised lesson from KidsGarden Newsletter, May, 2009

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