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All kids are fascinated by bugs and crawling things. Why not add some “bug” poetry to your entymology lessons. Poems can be a fun way to introduce insect anatomy and feeding habits, as well as the role of insects in the garden. Here are two poems to get you started:


Yellow-winged Darter

Yellow-winged Darter


I am the dragon,

The demon of skies.

Behold my bold

Enormous eyes.

I sweep

I swoop

I terrorize.

For lunch I munch

On flies and bees.

Mosquitoes with

My feet I seize.

I am the dragon:

Down on your knees!

By Douglas Florian, from his book Insectlopedia




immature grasshopper

immature grasshopper

Green as a leaf.

Fast as a thief

My olive eyes are


My two antennae

Grow and spread

Like tapered threads

Upon my head.

I hatch from eggs

With springs in my legs

And grind on grasses




By Douglas Florian from his book beast feast


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